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Definition of asbestosis through treatment

Knowing thedefinition of asbestosis in treatment, namely asbestosis which has the goal of relieving various symptoms, and also slowing the progression of the disease and preventing complications. Some of the treatment methods are:

definition of asbestosis
  • Giving oxygen to cope with lack of oxygen due to respiratory problems
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation therapy to support the lungs so they can work together more effectively. One of them is by teaching patients about breathing techniques
  • Lung transplant or graft to cope with the deterioration of lung function that is already severe. Lung transplantation is performed together by replacing the damaged lung together with the healthy lung of the donor
  • During the treatment period, patients are asked to carry out regular medical check-ups. The doctor will perform periodic lung scans and function tests to understand the patient’s progress. The interval between controls will correspond to the severity of the asbestosis.

To support the treatment system, the patient will be advised to do the following:

  • Stay away from exposure to asbestos dust so that asbestosis does not get worse.
  • Stop smoking routines and stay away from secondhand smoke to prevent damage to the respiratory tract and lungs.
  • Get vaccinated against flu and pneumonia to reduce the risk of developing lung infections.
  • Please note, lung damage due to exposure to asbestos fibers cannot be cured. However, the above healing methods can withstand the patient’s situation from getting worse.

Preventive asbestosis definition

The best way to do the definition of asbestosis to resist asbestosis is to stay away from asbestos exposure, especially without unless you also work in a field that is prone to asbestos exposure. The way to prevent this is to wear protection on the face and also special clothes while working.

If the roof where you live uses asbestos and has been damaged, immediately exchange it with other safer materials. Asbestos that has been damaged can release asbestos fibers that are easily inhaled.

If you have defined a diagnosis of asbestosis, see your doctor regularly to contain complications. If you smoke, stop this tradition so that your risk of developing lung cancer decreases

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